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I am an Italian astrophysicist presently based in Paris (France) as a postdoc at LPENS

after being the first Marie-Sklodowska-Curie fellow in Croatia.


Previously, I spent some time in the US and wandered in Europe for a bit.

Here my geographies and a detailed CurriculumVitae.

I am interested in studying the physics of the interstellar medium (ISM) of our own Galaxy, or what fills the outer space between stars and planets in the Milky Way. 

The ISM is fascinating and astonishingly beautiful (imageshelp).  The ISM is a key element of the life-cycle of the Galaxy. Made of a mixture of multiphase gas and dust grains, the ISM represents the matter reservoir of the Milky Way to form new stars regulating  the evolution of the galactic system itself. 

If you ever wondered of how stars form in the sky, the investigation of the complexity of the ISM will be an intriguing and challenging idea to train curiosity and keep your mind creative!


Creativity and critical thinking are vital for inquiring into the Cosmos and for Science in general. I am exploring novel ways to communicate Science with the precious help of two lovely crazy artists. If you are not scared of French, have a look at chänchän and dive into Nébuleuse 1   and Nébuleuse 2!

In the next page you will find more details about my research of ISM physics and related subjects.

P.S. In the future, I am planning to start an eternal-work-in-progress page, where my intent will be to invite all of you to share questions, thoughts, ideas, and/or personal experiences about Academic Research. Stay tuned!

For the time being, I am collecting articles and news to begin the reflection of researching-research. Click here and feel free to share!




A ride in the interstellar medium, in jargon ISM

In the following you will find a sample of my research interests with corresponding scientific publications. These are mostly based on observational data analysis.

Click on the hat for my PhD thesis, on the book for the full list of publications & on the cat for a work-in-progress GitHub page

Musica Project



Publication List


Interstellar magnetic fields

Properties of interstellar dust

Foreground contamination for Cosmology

Early phases of star formation


On March 17 2022 Elio Curioni Bracco was born!

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